Throwback Thursday

The Scholastic Book Fair


Lexi Heuser, Jr. High EMC Staff Writer

Every year the Galway PTSA holds a Scholastic book fair in the library. This year it ran from the last week in October into the early days of November. Every grade can go to the book fair but the K-6th graders have the privilege of taking a tour with their class. Sometimes the PTSA, also known as the Parent Teacher Student Association, will pay for one book that is the price of $5 or under for the elementary. The books range from kid books with cartoons to romance and horror books.

This year some junior high students were particularly impressed by the inflatable unicorn, the decorative gnomes, and the excellent service.

Mrs. Decker said her highlights at the book fair were purchasing a t-shirt that said, ” Reading is my favorite sport,” buying an eraser that was shaped as a mini Harry Potter book for her friend (Mrs.O!), and helping a little girl who asked her how to spell a couple words on her book wish list. She liked the book fair and said that she is always impressed by it. She also bought a couple books!

Abby Gullet says that the highlights of the book fair were the romance and horror section. Of course, she bought a book!

Aidan Reekie-Mel says that the highlight of the book fair was that they had a little bit of everything. He did comment that they should take out some video game books and add adventure books. Some others commented that there needed to be more young adult options.