Saratoga Comic Con


Aidan Reekie-Mell, EMC Jr. High Staff Writer

On November 17th and 18th, people gathered at the Saratoga Springs City Center to participate in the bi-annual Comic Con. As usual, there was lot of merchandise, including the beef jerky shop, Poke-mon promotions, and hand-drawn re-creations of different characters and animals. There was also Archway gaming, virtual reality experiences and tournaments for the Super Smash Bros. franchise. 7th grader Alex Finkenbinder won at the spring tournament but this time he lost to another Galway player, Danny Armitage. One new form of entertainment was a bounce house.

Of course, many people were costumed.  33 people dressed as Furries. 40-50 other people dressed up as characters other than Furries. The most popular costume choice was the clone troopers from Star Wars. Erik Reekie-Davis’s family dressed as the Addams Family.  Dressing up at these events is optional and fun for everyone. Just an FYI…you don’t get a discount if you are costumed.

Each event includes some displays of original memorabilia from different shows/comics that inspire participants.  The original Batmobile was back this time.  A newbie on the scene was the Blue Ranger from Power Rangers.

This event also included a memorial for Stan Lee.

Other Galway students who participated were Lauren Coughlin, Kira Bishop and Quinn Bernard.