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This Week In Galway: Crazy Compilation

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This Week In Galway: Crazy Compilation

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We hope everyone has been enjoying life lately. With the crazy weather lately and snow days/half days, it can sure get hectic. In addition, spring sports have officially begun!!! Good luck to all the teams this spring. Sport schedules are posted online so you can check them out any time. This week’s article will contain pretty much everything and anything as it is a compilation. So get ready for some pretty random, but interesting, things!!

Josh’s Broken Phone:

How did this happen?  I dropped that little wuss and it decided it wasn’t having it, oh well.

Is it true that this occurs on a regular basis? Ooohhhh yea, I drop it at least once a day, looks like it finally had enough.

Do you have any advice on how we can keep our phones from looking like this? Well the most simple answer is to not drop your phone, but that’s not good enough. Don’t buy a phone. Carve words onto rocks and throw the rocks at whomstvever you want to “text.”

Mrs. O assigning the English 11H class an abundance of class work such as reading 90 pages in the Grapes of Wrath along with seminar sheet and a total of 6 Vocabulary.com lists that will be assigned over the course of the next month. Mrs. Oooooooooooo……… Don’t worry though, we still love you Mrs O (:

We asked some students in this class how they were dealing with this amount of work.

Siela Z:

Do you mind doing a lot of work in English 11H?  Yes, a lot of the time haha 🙂  I like the class, but some assignments like the Socratic Seminar  sheets and the CommonLit articles take so much time! I think I mind doing the work for the Socratic Seminar sheets the most because we have to write a lot to get a good grade, but I feel like we’d enjoy the book better and have just as good seminars of we wrote just a brief analysis for each quote.

Are you one to tackle the task right away or are you a procrastinator?  Sadly a procrastinator 🙁 I wish I had the mindset to get something done right away though, it’d save so much stress!!

Natalie Z:

What is your least favorite assignment assigned from Mrs O and why? ( seminar sheets, vocab.com, Common Lit reviews, essays, etc) Oh jeez, this is tough….I’d have to say CommonLit reviews. Maybe they’ll grow on me a bit more because it is a pretty new activity, but I always get mixed up in the different paragraphs and lose my spot. Also, answering questions online doesn’t usually go well for me — I had so many saving issues the first time we did this. 🙂

Do you have any advice for current sophomores that will take English 11H next year?  Definitely. When you’re reading a book and need to fill out a seminar sheet, don’t stress about the sheet as much as actually reading. Once the book captures you and you understand it, filling out the seminar sheet and discussing the topics will come much easier for you. You’ll enjoy it a lot more too! Also, learn to love writing. It’s such an important life lesson, and you’ll be doing a lot of it next year.

Cori H:

How many panic attacks do you have a day due to school work and are any of them from your English work?I’m not sure, like seven. And ask me again at midnight on Sunday night when I am trying to complete my vocab.com.

Aside from the loads of work we have in Mrs. O’s class, do you believe that in the end, it is indeed benefiting you as well as the class as a whole?  Yes. I think Mrs. Ostrander is adequately preparing us for future writing classes in college.

The Upcoming NYC Trip for EMC members:

Next week, from March 14th to the 16th, a group of 16 including myself (Sam Grant), will be heading down to the Big Apple. Mrs. O, Mrs. Decker, and Mrs. Sitts will be attending it as well. This trip is for anyone in EMC/GTV who has put in hard work and dedication to the site as well as the production of GTV, this school year. Throughout the trip, we will be attending many workshops at Columbia University. Here, we will learn more about journalism, yearbook, broadcasting, photography, and much more! Hopefully, we will also be able to see the 9/11 Memorial Reflecting Pools too.  There will also be some leisure time for walking around Times Square and such. Let’s see how others are preparing for the big trip and what they are looking forward to:

Meaghan Whalen:

This is your first time going on this school trip. Are you nervous in any way? Since it is my first time going on this journalism trip, I am definitely a little bit nervous. I’ve never gone to the city with a larger group before, nor have I gone to conferences like what we will be attending before. However, I know I will have a good time, especially with everyone going.

Which conferences interest you the most and why? The conferences that involve photography or writing interest me the most because I have always had a passion for photography and would love to better my writing, especially for college. I would also be interested in any conferences that involve filmography because I’ve always wanted to make short films/movies.

Hannah Thompson:

You attended this trip last year. Any advice to people who are going for their first time this year? I’d say just relax and have fun! All the workshops are so interesting so I’d look at those and see what you want to do. Also don’t be afraid to walk out of a workshop if it doesn’t interest you. You are only there for a limited amount of time so do what you want.

What is your favorite thing about NYC?

NYC is great! There are so many cool places to visit and explore. However, I’d say my favorite part is not all the touristy destinations but more the little places where you can see what it is like to be a true New Yorker. Even the subway is fun to people-watch on. All in all, the entire city is really interesting and I love going there.

Mrs O.:

How long has the school been having this EMC NYC trip? It has been over 10 years now!

Although you have obviously been on this trip several times, do you ever still feel overwhelmed before going such as having to prepare yourself and your students? I am finally starting to relax a bit and look forward to the trip since we know the city and the places we go very well by now. I still get anxious though with all the planning, and all the things Mrs. Decker, Mrs. Sitts and I have to think about. I also hope that everybody has a great experience, at Columbia and in the city.

What is your all-time favorite memory from this trip and which year did it occur? I honestly feel that every year is very special. The students that have gone on the trip over the years really make it all so memorable. I love how the group bonds and we have our jokes and stories after the trip. Last year it was Chad and the lemon water…this year, who knows!


Well there you have it Eagle Nation!! We got some insight on several topics about current and upcoming things right here in Galway!! Hopefully you’ll be able to attend this amazing trip next year. We will soon write an article all about the NYC trip after we return. See ya then!!!


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