Are Plants Affected By The Way We Talk To Them?

Sara Conti, Jr. High EMC Staff Writer

There has been research done that has suggested speaking to plants helps them grow. Ms. Leonardo and Mrs. Decker set up an experiment with their seventh-grade classes to find out if what we say to them affects their growth of the plant. They put crocus bulbs, wrapped in paper towels, in plastic cups. They did this twice with each class. One set of bulbs were negatively spoken to and the others were positively spoken to. To the latter students said things like “You’re amazing,” and “Keep growing.” To the negative plants, students said things like “You’re a terrible plant,”You can’t grow,” and “You stink.” Eventually, the positive plants began to sprout and the negative plants didn’t grow as much. People are the same way. We thrive when we are spoken positively to. We don’t do as well when we are spoken negatively to. The way people speak to us can affect the way we act and think. That is why it is important to encourage people rather than say things discourage people. Everyone does better when they are encouraged. So, the next time you talk to someone, think about how what you say might affect them. And if you’re not sure, perhaps just smile or ask a question!