Meet Some Funky Creatures!

don't worry, they don't bite!

Natalie Zembsch, Siela Zembsch, and Leah Oughton

Do you want to make distinct characters like these too? Simply fold a blank piece of paper into thirds, one for a head, one for a torso, and one for legs. Pass it to someone else once you’ve finished one section, but don’t let them see what you’ve done so far! Unfold after each part has been drawn to see what kind of being has been created! And, if you want, create some cool personalities for your creatures like we did!

Character 1)

Name: Lisa
Dream job: exotic belly dancer, world-renowned Irish step dancer
Day job: inspirational speaker specializing in drug use recovery
Salon of choice: Bald Patch Palooza
Distinguishing characteristics: a levitating hand and belly-button, disconnected shoulders and arms, a perpetual state of confusion
Hobbies: Lisa loves collecting metalware from the 1920s, especially spoons and interesting jewelry. She also loves to travel, and currently resides in Chad, Africa.
Quote: “Kids, don’t use drugs. Seriously. Oh? About myself? Oh! I found this marvelous metal bowl from 1924 at an antique store in Ottawa the other day! I’m going to use it to feed carrots to my blue macaw, Charles!”

Character 2)

Name: Bennett Bloom
Dream job: Developing a way to perform successful head transplants.
Day job: Traveling chef and founder of Bennett’s Traveling Table, founder of Aliens R Real
Salon of Choice: The Spot for Bots
Distinguishing Characteristics: Bennett is the hybrid child of WALL-E and a mortal woman, so has characteristics of both. His tabletop figure is the result of a transportable table he keeps with him at all times, in case he finds anybody in need of a sit-down dinner now.
Hobbies: Studying aliens and UFOs, collecting flowers, trying out new recipes, questioning gender stereotypes
Quote: “HI! Are you hungry??”

Character 3)

Name: Gollum Goulash
Dream job: educating youngsters about Satanic studies
Day job: operating his florist’s shop in downtown San Francisco
Salon of Choice: Horn Care for Cattle and Other Creatures
Distinguishing Characteristics: Gollum is remarkably the only humanoid to have horns without also having a tail. He declares his shapely brows to be his best feature, but some would disagree and say his unique checkered shirts and arm muscles. He also manages to have red-toned skin on his upper body, but green legs and feet.
Hobbies: trimming his horns, playing Twister with his buddies, and trying out different eyeliners.
Quote: “Would you like to smell this flower?”