Fantasy Football

Ryan Lovelass, EMC Staff Writer

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Have you ever wanted to be a part of a Fantasy Football League? It is really easy to create or join a league. This year I created my own league on the ESPN website. The first step is to find out who you want to be in your league. This year I invited Alex Malanoski, Josh Jankowski, Aiden Holbrook, Walter Ellsworth, and Erik Malanoski to be in a league. The second step is to set up the rules, there are different playing styles based on your skill level and what type of scoring you are looking for. The third step is drafting your players. You can do it on the computer, in person, or on the phone where you can call in who you want. It all depends on how you want to play. The fourth step is wait until it is time for your players to play and edit your lineup for the best chance to win. Finally, the last step in setting up a Fantasy Football League is to just have fun with it.

As friends, we agreed that the loser of the season would have to wear some type of t-shirt to school, we just hadn’t decided which one. We finally decided on a design and purchased that t-shirt. Following through with our agreement, the loser had to wear the shirt to school for a whole day, and here we are. Walter Ellsworth was the loser this year of our Fantasy Football League and had to deal with the consequences. We will just have to wait until next year to see what new and exciting punishments there are.

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