Wonder: A Great Book And An Amazing Movie


Sara Conti, Jr. High Staff Writer

The amazing book Wonder by R.J Palacio was recently turned into a popular movie. On November 21, about 50 kids from the junior high went to see the movie. The book is about a 10-year-old boy with craniofacial differences. For the first time, he attends a school and faces bullies friends and many teachers.

It was spectacular, but some of the book’s plot events were left out.At the end of the book, the boy, Auggie  Pullman, starts to wear hearing aids. The movie completely bypassed this whole conflict.Another difference was the 5th-grade students at his school, Beecher Prep, go to a nature retreat. At this retreat, there is an outdoor movie night, which is where Auggie gets into a fight. The movie showed the movie night indoors. This completely changed the mood of the night´s events.

Matt Colabello liked how the movie captured Auggie’s pride and comfort with handling the fight at the camp. When Auggie climbs off the school bus, he is extremely excited and happily told everything that happened to his worried mom. Everyone was high-fiving  Auggie and complimenting him. Matt enjoyed this part of the movie.

As different as the two pieces are, they are both incredible.The beginning was a  lot like the book. It was cool how the movie used actual lines from the book. The movie  was broken up like the book into different parts where it focused on different characters.The part where Daisy, Auggie´s dog, dies was really sad. Many people were in tears over the adorable little dog. Daisy is the epitome of a small, caring, furry sidekick for the hero of the story.

Emma Jordan did point out that that was one difference she was bothered by–the Pullmans didn’t get a new dog in the movie.

Many students enjoyed the trip, the theater concessions and the movie!