Pets of Galway 4

Erik Matthews, Sr. High Staff Writer

The fourth Pet!

Riley is a 9 year old Lhasa Apso from New Jersey. As a puppy, she grew up in New Jersey until she was about 8 months old, and then we bought her for $350. Normally, dogs are much more expensive, but since the breeder could not sell her and she was a misfit dog, we were able to purchase her for very little. When we first bought her, she actually fit on a tennis racket! One day we came home to see her laying on the inside of a tennis racket all curled up in a ball! Riley enjoys playing with apples, going on long walks through the fields, and definitely, eating. Her favorite food is pasta, as well as eggs. Although she loves eggs, they have to have cheese on them. Without cheese, she simply refuses to eat them. In the past couple of months, Riley has had many medical issues. She has severe allergies, and has a potential brain tumor. She is almost fully blind, and has gained almost a quarter of her body weight in the last month. Dogs like Riley are supposed to live until the age of 16, but with her health complications, it may be sooner. For now, I will continue to snuggle and play with her as much as I can because I could never imagine a life without the fluffy, chubby, misfit dog.