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Class of 2017: Senior Wills

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Congratulations to the Galway High School Class of 2017! Read their Wills, and leave a comment for your favorite Senior!

I, Haley Decker, leave Mackenzie my cat, Cassidy, who loves her oh so much. I leave her with all of our memories, from driving in the middle of nowhere with Renee to braiding your hair almost every day of junior year. To Casey, I leave her all of my books on my shelf, even though she’s probably already read half of them. I leave her with all of my clothes and my shoes, since she has feet as small as mine. I leave her with my highlighting palette, as requested, and all of the men in uniform she could ever imagine. I leave her with all of our memories from being my best friend since freshman year, from spring break in Florida to being sideline pals senior year before I decided I was outtie. To Jayden, I leave her the rest of my makeup and all of the things that she has ever left at my house. I leave her with the memories of gross pasta at senior ball, to “dancing” to The Office intro. To Christian Kent, I leave him my slippers, since they are already in his car so, he might as well have them. To Emily, Erica, and Alexis, I leave you with my flute and the memories of the fluticorns, why were we so embarrassing? To Jenni, I leave her my iPod with my ninth grade emo music and our memories of Mayday Parade, because is it ever just a phase mom? To Spencer and Paiton, I leave them with all of our memories from Warped Tour from meeting our girlfriend Tay to nearly being knocked out by crowd surfers. To Schuyler Arnold, I leave you with our memories from sharing a quad at Spike Mountain…from our endless laughs to getting ice cream on the way home. To Shawn, I leave him my entire pantry and endless Menchie’s so he will never have to go hungry again. To my APUSH girls, I leave you with all of our amazing memories, even though we cried for at least half of the year while drowning in essays and stressing over tests. To my slice night friends, I leave you with endless pizza and laughs to fill your stomach. To Brooke, I leave her with our drama filled memories of club volleyball aka, the worst days of our lives. To Rachel, I leave her with the memory of always being the APUSH mom, always making sure our homework was done, to telling us to stay home if we were sick. To Mrs. Gerber, I leave her my appreciation of her yoga classes that helped me clear my mind in time of confusion and stress. To Mrs. O, I leave her my appreciation for always having an open door to complain and rant, and always giving me advice when I needed it most. And to Galway High School, I leave you with all of my memories of the friends I’ve lost along the way. I leave you with the most painful, but also the happiest of memories of the friends that I left behind. I leave you with four years of my life as I continue my journey into this world somewhere else, with new people and new beginnings.


I, Christian Furman, leave my locker to George the janitor who has to clean it out over the summer. I forget what number it is, due to the fact I now share with Adam Plummer because I got locked out of it during the first semester. But you will recognize it when you see it. I also leave all of this year’s boring and pointless work to this year’s juniors. Good luck.


I, Lucas Costanzo, leave my beloved parking spot to Dylan Ogden. To Travis Neahr, I leave you all my planning for the next Field Day. To Devernoe, I give you my greatest condolences for the “Dakota that Can’t.” To the student parking lot, I am sorry for the destruction I have caused on you for 4 years. To the Whole School, I give you all my fond memories and funny sayings and the good time had by all. To the Junior Class, “GOD HATES A COWARD” and test the teachers blood pressure. To everyone I call a friend, GOD BLESS AMERICA.


I , Maddy Ritter, leave Carlee Horstmann my basketball jersey number twenty-three. Wear it proudly, and don’t let the “bigs” lose their meaning. To Carlee, Callia, Jill, Emma and Ash, I leave the basketball court where we became a family. Play the sport you love no matter the coach or other players. Never lose your love and devotion to the sport.  I leave the gym, all the bruises and let’s not forget my black eye sophomore year. To Ashlyn, I leave my random slap to the forehead and duhs. To my close friends, I leave the memories of driving around together and being there for one another when we needed it the most.  Mal, I leave a six year cross country career and let’s not forget the Senior Book of Excuses.


     I, Jessica Cerasia, would like to leave Brittney Dorrough with Ouija boards, Halloween, Diesel, camping, cheddar tots, chucks dates, crying on each other’s shoulder when things go wrong, our constant appetite for wings and fried Oreos. I’d like to leave Courtney Demarest with an economics book if I had one so she didn’t have to pay for one but also peanut butter, our locker we’ve shared since 9th grade, picking up everything she drops in the hallway and our hair brushing routine. I leave Julia Seeley with our childish ways whenever we’re together but also our childhood memories, videos, games, and ideas. To Angie I leave BOCES drives and waking her up early in the morning.  Mrs. McDonald I leave you with luck and hope for the upcoming seniors. I leave 8th Grade marriages, Spanish class, and gym classes to Hunter Scribner. They’re not lying when they say High School goes by quickly so enjoy it.


Senior Will of Ashley Carter: To whoever may be reading this I’m not very good at these sort of things, but here it is. My senior will.

First off I would like to give some advice to any lower classmen who may want it. I do recommend staying on top of your homework and not trying to start an essay the night before it’s due. I also recommend paying attention in math and economics class because it’ll come back to haunt you when finals roll around. However, most importantly, I recommend that you have fun. As much fun as you possibly can while you can. Go to games, parties, plays, there are so many different things you can get involved with. Also I recommend trying things outside your comfort zone. There is no better time than high school to try new things. Enter the talent show, sign up for speech and debate class, take a music or art course, join a new club, or even make a new club. You could end up finding something you really love to do or just have a really fun time doing. So that is my advice. Even though work is important, so is having fun and experiencing new things. At the time you may not care if you miss out, but when you are writing your senior will and looking back on your high school years, you don’t want to be focusing on the things you missed out on instead of fun memories.

Second of all I would like to leave my colorful pens to someone I know will really appreciate them; Jerika Savage. Over the past year we’ve grown close and I’m so glad that we became friends. We’ve had some pretty fun and crazy moments this year but, my favorite was psychology class. This is why I’m leaving you my colorful pens. In hope that they help you remember the fun times we had and to not forget me while I’m at college. It’s going to be weird without you around. I hope you have an amazing senior year and make the most of it.

Lastly I would like to give thanks to all my fellow seniors. You’ve made this year amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better school to have moved to. I’m glad I got to meet each and every one of you and got to share so many memories with you all. From rec. nights to getting kicked out of the science museum and even prom nights. I wish you all luck in all your future endeavors and hope you get everything you’ve dreamed of. See ya at graduation.

P.S.  To Danny, Marrina, Megan, Alecia, the special few who made my years crazy, fun, and all around amazing. You will forever be in my gratitude and I love you all…but I’m too tired to write anymore.


To Whom’st’ed It may concern…from Chad Sherman….

To Mrs.O I leave behind a new cabinet and as many armfuls of dark chocolate I can get.  To Phil I leave you some of my best hearthstone tips/tricks.  To Griffen I leave you a hair tie for when I’m not there. To Mackenzie I leave you a pair of running shoes so you’re no longer late to bio. To Evan Morse I leave you a B emoji. Mr. J I leave you my yearbook so you can finally sign it. To Erica I leave you a pair of spurs. To Leah O I leave you a hot chocolate. I leave The bois (you know who you are) my meme supply. Walter I’ll leave some of your dignity behind for you. Nate I leave you my airsoft gear. April I leave you my car so I don’t have to keep giving you rides home. To the upcoming 4×4 teams I give you the promise you will never break our school record (Please don’t, it’s all I have). To Maya and Leah V I leave you each a pair of earplugs so you don’t to listen to each other argue. Jonald I leave you all of my Trump Merch. Tori I leave you the candy you were supposed to get me everyday. Manuel I leave you a Green Card. Manny gets a banana. Sam Grant I leave you Slinkey. To anyone I missed I leave you a sticker of a Hamburger.

I, Hannah Pawlowski, leave the administration my distracting shoulders. 🙂

I, Emily South, leave locker 288 to the next upcoming freshman. That locker has been a constant during high school for me, and I hope it treats you the same. To Jillian and Justine Quay, I leave you many fun Saturdays working at the pie shop. To Meaghan and Grace, I leave you guys one more year of pole vaulting on the track team. I hope you guys jump high and break records. To Justine and Cori, I leave you many early Saturday mornings, dirty mats to mop, and books to keep score in. To the girls’ varsity soccer team, I leave you many laps to run, games to play, and memories to make. To the senior players; Jillian, Justine, Maya, Leah, Grace, Callia, and Griffen, make the most of your last season here at Galway. Listen to what Coach Martin has to say. When he tells you to give it your all during every game, do it. You don’t want to regret not doing more when you know you could have. To the current and upcoming flute players, I leave you many new pieces of music, flute solos, and seats in the front row. To Mrs. Gerber, I leave you all of the memories that the Lunch Ladies made. I leave you two Friendsgivings, Galentine’s Days, and Proms. To the class of 2018, have a good last year at Galway. Make the most of every moment. To Erica Culbert, I leave you all of our fantastic memories. I leave you our car ride rant sessions, our back of the bus bad b*[email protected]#es seats, garlic bread, and lemon scented candles. To Mackenzie Morse, I leave you the moment we became friends in second grade and the Tinkerbell books that we used to fantasize over. To my senior friends, I leave you the Salem Rap Battles, Pitch Perfect sing alongs, and many more adventures along the way. I wish you all the best of luck next year! I hope you all achieve the goals you set for yourselves!


I, Alexis Gould, leave the freshman who gets locker 305, take good care of it, and always watch where you are going when trying to get to it (people don’t always like to move to the right when you are on the left side of the hallway).

To my fellow senior flutes and the ones to come, I leave the fluticorns and all the memories that we made during lessons in band (and each of our very original names for our flutes, Flo, Melody, and Harmony).

To the Chamber Singers, I leave my alter ego, Vanessa Melon, because I will never be called that outside of high school (which makes me really sad thinking about it). I do hope though that you all will find some new freshman next year to give wonderful nicknames and compare to Michael Bolton too. Oh, was that from “Finding Nemo?”

To Mrs. Gerber, I leave many memories, advice, and laughs during lunch (especially where I have grateful to have been in your classroom since freshman year).

To Mrs. Booth, I leave our “Fly Eagles,” Soda Crush Saga, and Broke Marta. (I am seriously addicted to Soda Crush Saga now, all thanks to you). You have been such an amazing advisor and I hope you get to advise another grade soon.

To Mr. Jacaruso, I leave all of your many dad jokes you used to roast Brooke and Julia, all of the times that you told us “I quit” after getting frustrated with calc just as we were, and all of the “I will fix that for next year,” when something didn’t go right the first time with our class.

To Tyler and James, I leave the APARC key and sign out sheet. No Tyler, the key will not kill you, and so won’t the sheet. Also I leave you guys to yell at the students to use APARC next year to keep the door closed and not abuse the room.

Lastly, to my brother, Hunter, I leave you with many bus rides to school where you will not have me to take you anymore. I also leave you my car to someday practice on when you get your permit, where I am not bringing mine to college. I leave you with three more years until college and three years of being an only child (and don’t rush time, you will regret not being a kid for longer). Lastly, I leave you with good luck because you will need it and I know that you will do great when I am not always around.


As high school ends, there are a few things I, Julia Seeley, wish to live on in memory. I leave endless complaining and laughter along with bus ride jams and eating way too much chili to my Varsity Soccer team. I leave pre-practice Panera trips and busting out moves to “Zaddy” to Callia Boudreau, Sarah Ernst and Jillian Quay. I leave Lily Gullett with the best wall twerking moves the world has seen. To Jennifer Rumsey I leave late night trips to Denny’s, night drives, the horse mailbox, bowls of Cheerios at 3am and “Feeling This” by Blink-182. I leave nasty break ups, my first kiss, saying things at the same time, dad jokes, watching “Sing” over and over, Barry Manilow and his showgirl Lola, first love, code names, lunch box letters, John Mayer, Saturday morning breakfast and always finding our way back together to Quinn Smith. To Jayde Garney, I leave my entire existence. I leave the tears I have practically stained on your shoulders, six hour phone calls, laughs past knowing what we are laughing about, movie nights, cruises, birthday posters, love letters, arguments over places to eat, and a friendship that is truly one in a million. I leave sunburns in Jamaica, “I Miss You” by Blink-182, “Do Yoga”, eating our combined weight in bread at dinner, Quesha and the ducks, mom fights, and New Girl to Breana Doherty. I leave Mackenzie Morse and Erica Culbert with mom reg loves you, eating ice cream outside the Jewish synagogue, the ducks, bear cub and night owl, different things Ryan Beatty, “Mal”, “I lost my family for this”, bike rides, Stewart’s ice cream, calling that man’s dog mom, and one of the best friendships I have had. To Casey Dunleavy, I leave Justin Bieber’s album “Purpose”, 7th period English class chats, evaluating everything in life, and tubing in Lake George. I leave deep talks, leaving the fire on and almost sweating to death, Taco Bell wrappers, crying over our broken hearts, everyone in school thinking we are dating, Trick or Treating and my restored faith that there is decent men left in the world to Shane Brownell. To Shawn Kerry I leave my mom’s nickname “Laine”, you coming into my house when no one is home and stealing gushers, Alexa’s shopping list, and leaving a tornado of a mess in every room you walk into. To Mrs. McDonald, I leave naps, complaining, and ranting in lunch. To Mrs. Ostrander I leave perfecting the art of skim reading. To Mr. Mal I leave kind of funny stories. I leave Amber Schwab with your cat peeing on my book bag, Ramen Noodles, Mean Girls, Dave and his summer league softball team and “Molly Cyrus” by Stitches. To Jillian Quay I leave my love for soccer, our handshake, lousy defensive practice and calling everyone “kid”. To Courtney Demarest and Brittney Dorough I leave scary movie snuggles, cleaning horse stalls, puppy kisses, graham crackers with peanut butter, Japanese candy and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I leave Jessica Cerasia with the entirety of elementary school. I leave you with Fruit kabobs, talking pudding, Polar Plunge on Webkinz, crashing four wheelers, mud baths, trying to hatch baby chickens and accidentally cooking them, hot tubbing, ping pong, Marco Polo at grandpa’s, telling secrets, and eating cookie dough under your bed so your mother couldn’t find and kill us. I leave Galway with weird smells, single socks in the hallway that stay there for days, ceiling leaks, camo dresses, mariana tomato soup, pretzels and yogurt, falling down the hill at the student parking lot and crying in the bathrooms at middle school rec nights. Well, that’s it for now folks. Keep it real.


I, Kayla Aschmutat, leave locker 278 to the next freshman who gets it. May your locker buddy be as good looking and chill as mine. I leave the cheer team to Sarah Ernst, April Carlson, Jade Sicluna, and Lillie Milton. Two words, good luck. I leave memories of English class to the core group of girls who I had in my class almost every year. To my soccer teammates, I leave all of the memories we had this year, a hat for Coach Martin, and one big Holy Criminy. To Julia Carlsen, I leave our adventures. I leave the Salem rap battle to future English 11 students. I leave winter pep rally to the juniors, may you have a chance now. To Mrs. Gerber, I leave our study hall talks, where we got deep, and talked about real life. I also leave Mrs. Gerber to anyone who feels they need someone to talk to, and who will truly listen to what they have to say. To Mrs. O, I leave all of the variations of Mrs. OOOOO we have come up with, and my hatred for 1984. To Mrs. McDonald, I leave my laughter at all of your one liner, sassy comments. To my little sister, I leave the lessons I learned the easy way, but most importantly the hard way. To all the future Galway High School students, I leave Kirvin’s sassy comments, the books in English that you will either hate or love, math classes that you can sleep through, learning about the revolutionary war for the hundredth time, speaking Spanish with Senora Sartin, and countless more memories you won’t forget.


I, Rachel Reichard, leave…

The fact that the freshman who receives my locker, will NEVER remember their locker number. They will just remember SBR.

To Gerber I leave a mini fridge and microwave that has the capability to make a bundt cake. I leave them because I hope that a new group joins you for lunch. I look forward to a new group of students finding your room comforting from the drama and chaos of the lunchroom where they can play cards and watch movies. I want Galentine’s Day and Friendsgiving to continue because for me those are memories and stories I’ll tell whenever people ask about my time in high school. I don’t want you to eat lunch alone! I thank you for opening your room up and coming into conversations to give guidance because you are one of the most inspirational individuals in my life.

To Ms. Booth I leave a whole lotta love. You became a class advisor when we needed you most because the Class of 2017 desperately needed someone to last through till graduation day. I feel that you fulfilled those requirements and, knowing you, I’m sure you’ll go above and beyond your duties and check in on us at college. We were your firsts and you could tell you loved being an advisor because you acted like a proud mom. Whenever we did stuff, you’d be the first to whip out your phone and take pictures. You let me crash your free periods when I had study halls and Alexis, Erica, Brooke, Megan, and I could watch Axe Ballet on a loop from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Even though it was a study hall, I learned all about The Beatles and classics like Singing in the Rain and Kiss Me Kate. I’d still always go back to your room even when I could never finish a sentence before it turned into a song <3 thank you thank you THANK YOU for everything you’ve done.

To Mrs. O I leave a thank you from one mom to another 😉 You really connect with students on a personal level and you literally dragged us girls through junior year. Between your English honors class and APUSH, I struggled, I really did. Junior year was hands down the hardest year of my 18 years of life so far. But with a chocolate IV drip given by you, I was able to graduate.

For Mr. Kocak I leave sports because we seniors have come to learn that’s what you do best. We bother you, we hang out and break Ms. Morck’s rules, but we know we’ll see you at our games decked out in only the finest of Galway athletic wear. I had the pleasure of being one of the first people to meet you and I wish you the best in Eagle Nation.

To my softball and basketball teams-kick butt! Be a family! Dynamics change every year and even the quietest person can make an impact and create change for the better. I would know, I was the quiet person. I had to let out my inner hidden B on the basketball court and cover my distracting legs with socks that were too short on the softball field. But for me the laughs are what counts because they can help fuel determination in a player while staying down to Earth.

For Mrs. Burdick I leave the DL room and a tombstone that says “RIP APUSH with Io Bruce-2016”. We were a handful but that class was the highlight of my junior year. You always give me a “hi honey” in the halls and check in on my boyfriend. He may have been part of the reason why I loved APUSH so much…

To Mr. J I leave the horrors of 8th period Calculus and the scarring it has forever left on my brain. Whenever I knew I couldn’t persevere through I problem, it helped I knew you wouldn’t either. Thank you for taking the time to stay after and for flipped classroom. I was surprised I kept my head above the water in math this year, but the flipped classroom really does wonders.

To Leah Oughton I leave a ride down to the softball field and a bowl of soup.

To Leah Vanderhorst I leave singing the “Star Spangled Banner” during basketball.

To James and Tyler I leave the APARC room and a pen so that next year you can sign out of study hall on your own.

To Hannah Hoffman I leave wise decisions and goofy faces plus a vacation to Ocean City, NJ.

To Aiden Holbrook and Josh Rumsey I leave the low brass section. You have a lot of empty seats next year and unfortunately Shawn, Quinn, and I can’t be there to harass you. Aiden keep playing loud and dabbing and Josh–No Phones In School. I’m telling Mr. Barrow.

To Walter- #teamwalter

To Billy Ous I leave Nolan McNeill.

To the Class of 2020, remember you’re only freshman. Don’t compete because competition within a class is miserable. If you’re top 10, that’s great, good for you. But there is more than rank and who is President and who is Vice President. Yes! Build up your college applications! But have fun and don’t burn yourselves out while doing it. Don’t say you missed out on an adventure because you need that extra .001 added to your GPA. High school speeds up senior year and what memories are you taking when you leave?

That leaves me with Ruth Reichard, the last Reichard to go through Galway High School. I remember getting the senior wills when Rebekah graduated and reading what she left me and I cried when I read it. I don’t want you to do the same because I do want you to be happy. You and I are different than the relationship I have with Rebekah. You and I hang out and do stupid things together which is why I love being in the middle. When I want to feel old, I go with Rebekah. When I want to feel younger, you’re my girl. We fight, I yell at you to get to the car because we’ll be late to school while I blare the horn. But the ride home is different because I vent to you and you vent to me. And after years of venting, my advice to you is that you should enjoy high school. Don’t focus on what everyone else is doing because you’ll never win. You need to do you. You’re unique, you’re special, and let things roll off your back. If you get like me and dwell on things, it makes you sick. Don’t do that. Do stupid stuff like dab at people sitting next to you at a traffic light or honk when you’re driving past a house where someone you love lives. Be spontaneous! I love you! And I know I’ve always been there because I’m your older sister and I know it stresses you out that you’ll be home with mom and dad (and Jack) but I’m only at Plattsburgh, you can visit! And I’ll take you out for some delicious gluten free dairy free food. Yummmmm :/


There are so many memories of my thirteen years at Galway, for all the people in all the memories I forgot to mention here, I, Julia Carlsen, leave you my apologies. So here it goes. To April Carlson, I leave the cross-country frisbee, and the responsibility of leading stretches the correct way (don’t let the boys take over next year, please), I also leave you the job of making sure everyone does their share in Science Club. To Schuyler Arnold I leave the responsibility of the E-Way Store, don’t screw it up. To my all time favorite teacher (do I even need to say it), Mrs. OoOeeoOOeo, (of course) I leave the freedom of never having to deal with me ever again, and my awesome saying of “Don’t worry Mrs. O, I got this!” Which now you hopefully really know I do got this (to some extent). To the lovely Meaghan Whalen, I leave you my flip flops ☺, and all my locker water bottles. To all of my past teachers, well first off, I am so sorry; and I leave all of you my horrible handwriting that hasn’t improved since second grade, I am also sorry for that. To the Zembsch twins I leave you the responsibility to keep XC united, and the hand sanitizer baby. To Mr. D, I leave you my naps and this small piece of advice: don’t overdose on BBQ sauce. To Zarah Chaverri, I leave the responsibility of the yearbook, make it a good one! To all of next year’s calculus students, I leave you what little will to live I have after that class, my hopes and prayers for good calc grades, and of course the proverbs from the infamous, and anonymous “Calc Master”. To hopefully none of next year’s seniors, I leave you my procrastination and work ethic. To my favorite art teacher, I leave the China Worm, and the hopes you can uncurse George’s/Mackenzie’s computer. And lastly to the amazing and hell raising Mrs. Burdick I leave you all of our APUSH secrets.


Erica Culbert

To my beautiful soccer team: I leave you three laps, a bad bloody nose, a JBL speaker, garlic bread, toe cramps, a party in the USA, and a game in November. I love you all more than words can say. Go get ‘em ❤

To the next #6: Wear it with pride

To the Wrestling Manager Sisterhood: I leave you clean mop pads, the perfect mat solution-to-water ratio, bloody paper towels in the sink, a fresh scorebook, bagels, early morning bus rides, and a win against Duanesburg.

To the wrestlers: all the snickerdoodles you can eat

To my unstoppable track team: I leave you ultimate frisbee and chocolate chip tag, Mack Hill sprints, new batons, mat-moving days, the perfect handoff, and #Justice4Jake

To my angelic Chamber Singers: I leave you night rehearsals, three part harmonies, that song from Finding Nemo, interpretive dance moves, and that garbage Mac Huff calls “music”

To my talented band: I leave you a superior ranking, Jumpin’ Jacks, a hockey game, black and white concert attire, WALTER!!!, and plastic bead necklaces at the parades

To the flute section: I leave you trills, sixteenth note runs, and the front row

To my awesome stage crew: I leave you backstage dance parties, one paint roller, mirror selfies in the bathroom, tape marks on the stage, pajamas during Hell Week, the Mean Girls pose, Rita LaPorta, daffodils, and a happy ending. You guys are the best!!!!!

To my creative EMC staff: I leave you a crowded subway, Italian food, a beautiful campus, Starbucks, Times Square at night, and rude New Yorkers

To Natalie, Siela, and Hannah: I leave you a game of Mao, Swedish fish, and the strength to continue to be the fantastic young women you are! I wanna tell the world that you’re nine nine nine nine nine nine porcuNINE

To my lovely study hall in Ms. Booth’s room: I leave you classic movies, ax ballet lessons, and Gideon’s adorable face.

To Ms. Booth: I leave a golden stapler and our flute lesson group. I also leave a turtle and some bagpipes, but I’m not going to sing about bleeping bleeps.

To my ethereal Lunch Ladies in Gerb’s: I leave you Netflix on the Smartboard, Uno, spoons, a crockpot turkey, waffles, girl power, and the delicious smell of our food in the microwave

To Gerb: I leave you a painting for your house and a mural for your classroom. I leave you my deepest admiration and gratitude for everything you do. You are a rare gem of a human ❤

To Mrs. O: I leave you all the chocolate you can eat, Joey’s adorable outfits, books at Northshire, La La Land, GATSBY!!!!!, clothes with bananas on them, the golden snitch, bees, roses at Yaddo, and the glasses club. I leave you all the love in my heart!!!!

To Mrs. Peters: I leave you a painted brick, Uno cards, breakfast at the diner, and the joy of learning new things.

To Mrs. McDonald: I leave you the beauty and wonders that being in nature holds!!! I also leave you color-coded things and stress relief lotion.

To Erik Matthews: I leave you a whole lotta onions and NYC dad outfits. Thank you for always being so kind and optimistic.

To April Carlson: I leave you our tears from the last scene of “Big Fish” and our unplanned meet-ups at Target. Thank you for always making me laugh.

To Grace Montague: I leave you the back of the soccer bus and a big ol’ hug. Thanks for bringing so much joy to my life.

To Lily Gullet: I leave you a walk to homeroom every morning, obscure books, spilled tea, and Eagle Bucks because clients like our work. You have a special place in my heart.

To Leah Vanderhorst: I leave you the 24’ board and my confusion in pre-calc as I turn to you for help.

To Maya Vanderhorst: I leave you multiple bags of ice strapped to your legs and a sour warhead.

To Ella Decker: I leave you a tiny cone and Beyonce. You are the best mascot Galway has ever seen. Love, your wife, Ethel

To Holden Decker: I leave you a plastic water bottle with gum in it and the steeplechase jump that you pushed me off of

To Jake Restivo: I leave you a car ride to school each morning with my mom’s mild road rage.

To Meaghan Whalen and Sam Grant: I leave you our deep conversations during track meets. You guys are the sweetest.

To Leah Oughton: I leave you tomato soup that is in fact marinara sauce. You are downright spectacular 10/10

To Danielle Pudney: I’m not leaving you anything. Pranked!!!!!!

To Shawn Kerry: I leave you Regina’s phone number and Denny’s. But I’m not leaving you an ax because then you’d cut down all the trees.

To Julia Seeley: I leave you bike rides to Stewart’s, geese, House of Anubis, and the Cully Kids

To Spencer VanEpps: I leave you our mutual love for horses and cute dogs.

To Chad Sherman: I leave you ollos, hawaiian shirts, uncomfortable conversations on the track bus, and lemon water. You’re a real pal.

To Julia Carlsen: I leave you a loaf of uncooked garlic bread, an unfinished Spanish journal, hot red bull, and Mrs. McDonald’s disapproving gaze.

To Christian Kent: I leave you that puke from seventh grade.

To Jenni Rumsey: I leave you Lemonade Mouth and a karaoke machine. Thanks for always braiding my hair.

To Tim Webb-Horvath: I leave you the second bridge and a slippery trail.

To Rachel Reichard: I leave you the Muppet Movie and infinity scarves.

To Casey Dunleavy: I leave you paper dolls and fairy dust.

To Des Colangelo: I leave you Jon Snow’s beautiful, curly locks.

To Vanessa Melon Gould: I leave you American Girl Dolls and Robert Downey Jr. I leave you Alexa and Emily, a true dynamic duo.

To Brooke Martin: I leave you memes and musical references.

To Haley Decker: I leave you an actual will for when your cat murders me

To Kayla Aschmutat: I leave you inner peace and a yoga mat. You are a wonderful person!

To my stegosaurus, Emily South: I leave you basil, nilla wafers, FRESH goldfish, a soccer field handshake, white stuff in the mouth corners, a 24 oz coffee from Stewart’s, and the slam poem from 22 Jump Street. I love you!!

To my poetic, noble land mermaid, Mackenzie Morse: I leave you paint brushes, roses and rain, cozy mysteries for gentle readers, bagels in the park, one simple elegant equation to explain everything, and a photo that makes us want to know what they’re feeling.

To all my teachers K-12: Thank you for teaching me. You’ve all played a part in shaping me into the person I am today, and I am grateful.

To Mrs. Culbert: I leave you chocolate in the top desk drawer and popcorn in the closet. I leave you “get up, I need to check my email” and rainbow designs on the chalkboard

To all the underclassmen: Cherish your high school years. Chances are, you’ll miss them before they are even over. Take advantage of every opportunity, go to every game and every dance. The experience is what you make of it, so make it good. I have faith in all of you! Good luck!!


SENIOR WILL!!!!!! By Mackenzie Morse

My fifth period study hall:

To Hannah Pawlowski: I leave you Just Dance and ouija boards. I leave you crossed arms and a serious face for when Mrs Miller lectures you.

To Molly Ryan: I leave you the neatest socks and cutest dresses. I leave you millions of pictures of my cat.

Erik Matthews: I leave you Lilo and Stitch clips on YouTube and Disney soundtracks that make you emotional. I leave you heel clicks in front of traffic in the NYC streets. I leave you all of the onions.

To Leah Oughton:  I leave you black turtlenecks, Lord and Taylor prom dresses, and matching overalls. I leave you Plantasia and Amy Winehouse. I leave you moomins, half finished valentines day cards, and sweet boys.

To Mrs O:  I leave you screenshots of Joey’s adorable outfits, and Words with Friends games. I leave you a watercolor painting of a bee and my many doodles from class (even the ones I tried to throw out.) I leave you dark chocolate, peppermint mochas, and banana bread. I leave you Wes Anderson movies, and I’ll remember to bring the DVDs back, I swear !!!!  I leave you M-A-T-H MATH MATH MATH!!! before stats class, and bright yellow passes for when I forget to sign up for the late bus. Mrs O, I know a lot of humans, but you’re definitely one of the loveliest. ♡♡♡

To my sparkling, gorgeous, brilliant lunch ladies: I leave you vintage Uno cards and Mario Kart balloon battles. I leave you plastic champagne glasses, a crock pot of mashed potatoes, and a whole turkey. I leave you Kimmy Schmidt and Titus Andromedon. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have such a spectacular group of girls to go through high school with. Hoes before bros, always. ♡♡♡

To Mrs Gerber: I leave you painted flowers and frozen Amy’s lunches. Thanking for sharing all your yummy vegetarian recipes with me and giving all of us life advice. You are such a beautiful and genuine person and I’m so glad I got to have you as a teacher and have you as a friend.

To Mrs McDonald: I leave you mints and all the books I’ve borrowed from you this year and still have to give back. I leave you nature journals and pop rock chocolate. Sorry for bursting into tears in the middle of class for absolutely no reason, and thank you for still believing in me even though I am huge mess of a human.

To EMC: I leave you Storm Stella and slushy sidewalks. I leave you an inspirational brainstorming sesh in the upstairs of a Starbucks. I leave you Miss Kiesha and all of the NYC rats.

To Room 501: I leave you prayers and reading the Bible, like the well-behaved and quiet angels we are!! I leave you a jumbo sized bag of Swedish Fish and Regina’s chocolate chip cookies. I leave you a new room for when Julia gets sick and needs to be quarantined.

Hannah Milk Thompson: I leave you all my frustration and fascination about the mess that is Mao, Natalie and Siela Zembsch, I leave you passionate political conversations in a Pret a Manger, and the belief that more people should wear pink hats, instead of red ones. You three kids are some of the coolest humans I’ve ever met, and I’m so sad we only met in my senior year. I leave you all painted puzzle pieces and the first ever Open Mic Night.

To Evan Morse: You think I’m actually gonna leave you something?? I don’t think so, pal.

To Lily Gullet, I leave you hand drawn tattoos and books about dying. I leave you listening to that #tea on the track bus, and sticking to the back of the line for long jump.

To Annelise Ostrowski: I leave you pictures of puppies and cinnamon sticks. You are excellent!

To Julia Seeley: I leave you hot dads and Fifth Avenue. I leave you Ryan Beatty and Gossip Girl.  I leave you dancing across your yard, chanting “War, HUH, YEAH!!…” I leave you Night Owl and Bear Cub.

To Alexis Gould: I leave you The 10 Things I Hate About You. Like the movie, but also an actual list of things I hate about you.

To Chad Sherman: I leave you passes for when we’re late to Bio, and the seat next to mine in the computer lab.

To Shawn Kerry: I leave you all my wasted potential.

Kayla Aschmutat: I leave you ziploc bags full of carrots, celery, and strawberries for economics class.

Spencer Van Epps: I leave you a ballroom dance in gym, and walks through your woods.

Ella Decker: I leave you a whole chocolate cake to eat during Psychology, and a B relay team. I can see your HaaalllOoOOoO!!!

Rachel Reichard: I leave you ice cream cakes made with your two favorite flavors. I leave you small dachshunds, and carrots with hummus.

Jenni Rumsey:  I leave you bike rides to each others’ houses, and swims in each other’s pools. I leave you tears when we see each other for the first time in a week.

To Christian Kent (wait a minute…. who ARE you??) : I leave you standard deviations, denim on denim outfits, and JBLs. I leave you that one photo of us from 8th grade that your mom took. You know which one.

To Julia Carlsen, I leave you red bull, meat sticks, and entire loaves of soggy garlic bread.

To Brooke Martin: I leave you Try Guy videos and Downton Abbey DVDs.

To Emily South: I leave you iced tea with basil leaves and extra basil on Blaze Pizza. I leave you the Good Dinosaur and dinosaur egg oatmeal. I leave you a road you follow until it just turns to dirt.

To Haley Decker: I leave you hearing aids, groufits, and a cage for Cassidy (she needs to be locked up). Not even sure why I’m writing this to you, since you can’t read. :/To Casey Dunleavy, I leave you power ballads and bagpipes. I leave you pinterest boards full of red hair and gluten free desserts. I’ll leave you Evan’s number– he’ll come around.

To Des Colangelo: I leave you Catfish and chocolate cheerios. I leave you farmersonly.com and salsa sweats. I leave you Norwegian chocolate and a dining room table covered in art.  I leave you the small couch so I can sleep on the big one.

To my beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful muskox, Erica Culbert: I leave you days spent finding the perfect book at Northshire, and finding fairies at Yaddo.  I leave you “brave” engraved on a key, and Lil Sebastian on a mug. I leave the sky guide app, a dock on the lake, a slug in my hair, and a duck on a picnic blanket. I leave you a game of croquet and chicken on stick, and I leave you all the stuff we did.



Casey Dunleavy

Senior Will: A Poem

For now, I give you what I know.

I give you converse and acne,

spirit week and Christmas vacation.

I give you coffee on a Monday morning

and popcorn on Fridays.

I give you regional titles on a volleyball court

I give you lost basketball games

I give you 1984 and Of Mice and Men,

but I will keep Gatsby

and I will keep The Glass Castle

I give you heartache and first love,

I give you homecomings and prom.


High school is more than

what I can give you

it’s what you can give yourself.

This is not the best four years of your life,

Simply, this is just four years.

Four years spent sipping on solo cops

in the back of a Ford pick up

Running through open fields

Reminiscing on rec nights

and push cart fairs.

We stayed up until four am

knowing all the words to High School Musical


I spent four years trying to find something,

thinking I was trying to find someone

but I stand here realizing all I found

was myself.

Through heartbreak and literature

I discovered who I am

I am 5’1” of fury

I am sunshine and rainy morning

I am snow on mountaintops

I am a list of metaphors you are

still trying to decipher

Truth is, so am I


I don’t know who I will be in ten years,

in one year, next Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

With each passing day we change,

metamorphosing into who we are.


So that’s what I give you

To the fearful freshmen, the ditzy

sophomores and anticipating juniors

I give you time to change, because

it will happen.

You will change,

and your friends will change.

For my seniors, my peers and classmates.

I give you the future

do with it what you will

live for today

remember yesterday

and hope for tomorrow.



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