Four legged wonder: Dugan!

Isabella Hart, EMC Jr. High Staff Writer

Mrs. Gerber the health teacher has a wonderful English lab named Dugan.  Dugan is a 4 year old English lab who is also a therapy dog. Mrs. Gerber felt Dugan would be a good therapy dog because of his demeanor.  She stated, “In nature Dugan is very kind and calm. And that’s when I realized I could get him trained. Being a health teacher, many students have stress on them and I thought that Dugan would assist the students”. Some of her favorite interactions with Dugan and others are when she sees the students light up to Dugan and sees get relief from a lot of stress.

Dugan also has many strengths and weaknesses. Some of his strengths include being kind, lovable, gentle, and he knows his food times. His weaknesses include loving food. Since all labs love food, he also loves food.

His daily routine when he is not at school is he wakes Mrs. Gerber up in the morning, eats his breakfast, goes outside for a stroll, and then hangs out on the couch.