New Music: Selena Gomez and Nathan Sykes

Kayla Aschmutat, EMC Staff Writer

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is back with new music and showing a side of her that the world has yet to have seen. Her new album ‘Revival,’ is her attempt at ‘rebirth as an independent, confident adult women.’ Putting her ‘good girl’ image behind her, Gomez hopes to show her true self with this new album.

Selena Gomez has been through alot in the past few years and is trying not to let the past slow her down. The pressure of being in the spotlight could be a bit much, and Gomez was still maturing as well. Being under Disney’s wing was difficult as well. But Gomez has left Disney and her past behind and has made her music her own.
My personal favorites off the album are ‘Same Old Love,’ ‘Good For You’, ‘Perfect,’ and ‘Revival.’ The songs are sassy and relatable. People familiar to Gomez’s music know that these songs are completely different from her other music, in a good way.
Selena Gomez has really taken her music and told the world her story. She showed the world that she is capable of more and stripped herself of the ‘good girl’ image. I personally cannot wait to see what else Selena Gomez has in store for the world.

Nathan Sykes

Nathan Sykes is an upcoming artist who got his start on the British band The Wanted. The Wanted really helped Sykes break out into the music industry. Their best known songs are ‘Glad You Came’ and ‘Chasing the Sun.’ Sykes has recently decided to go solo and has been successful thus far. His former band members are very supportive of him and the new solo career.

In 2013 Sykes did a duet with pop artist phenomena Ariana Grande entitles ‘Almost is Never Enough.’ The song helped Sykes connect with a producer, Harmony Samuels. By connecting with Samuels, Sykes was able to use his guidance to find his voice and start making his own music.

One of Sykes’s new songs is ‘Kiss Me Quick.’ The song has an upbeat vibe to it that makes you want to dance. He has many other songs on his album as well.