Matt Zehl and I decided to be a part of a small group of people that dedicate their time in collecting gently used or new backpacks. We plan to recycle or donate them to people that are in need of backpacks for the school year, specifically children or teenagers in families with financial needs that approach the Boys and Girls of America. The closest Boys and Girls Club to our school is the one in Schenectady, so that was the destination for our donated backpacks in the month of March.

I decided to choose this group for my Special Topics Health class because I find it important to have proper school materials. With the workload I have this year, I can understand what it’s like to have to carry a few extra books by hand because they don’t fit in the backpack. Imagine what it’s like for those who don’t have one.

I also chose this group because I know what it is like to need financial help. It can be a struggle and any donation can make a significant change or be a blessing to that person’s life. To get people aware of our group, Matt and I quickly informed the GTV studio about it. Not only that but we personally spread the news around to get donations. One of my friends informed me of a group of kids in another school that would like to help in the cause. So not only did we make the group known school wide, but it spread to other schools as well.

The progress throughout our mission has been very slow though, even though we informed kids on GTV numerous times. We didn’t get any donations, and the kids from the other school never got in contact with me. However, I was about to get some donations from PTSA, and I have also learned that a few other student have backpacks for me.

If you have a backpack that you would like to donate, please see me or Matt Zehl. Thank you.