The “What Color is this Dress” Debate

In the great debates of our time, whether it is Coke or Pepsi, Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch, Yankees or Red Sox, Android or Apple , left Twix or right Twix, the “What color is this dress” debate will stand out.

By now I am sure that most of you have seen the “What Color is this Dress” picture and had a lively debate with someone else over what colors you see.

A description that circulated throughout social media explained the real dress color is White/Gold and the reason that some see Black/Blue is because of a negative effect that you have experienced.  I believe this explanation to be false.  In fact, on both BuzzFeed and the Today Show, they revealed the actual dress is Black/Blue.

Regardless of the real colors, there is definitely a divide on what people are seeing and it is an interesting phenomenon.

Look at the picture on this article and leave a comment below on what colors you see!