Listen to this: The Vamps


The Vamps are already a sensation in the U.K., with three Top 3 singles, over 80 million views on their YouTube/VEVO channel, they are opening for Taylor Swift, McFly, Selena Gomez and The Wanted, and they won a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for UK Favourite Breakthrough. Now the British four-man group, who were nominated this year for a Radio Disney Music Award for “The Freshest-Best New Artist,” are gearing up for Stateside chart domination with their irresistibly catchy pop-rock songs.

The band has just released their first U.S. album “Meet The Vamps” with Island Records, which includes the lyrically heartfelt, chanty sing-along “Somebody To You,” featuring Demi Lovato. The band is made up of guitarist James McVey, singer/songwriter Bradley Simpson, drummer Tristan Evans, and bassist Connor Ball. Their debut single, “Can We Dance,” was first aired via the group’s spiritual home, YouTube, and notched up over a million views within the first two weeks.

The song “Somebody To You” is a great song. It fits well with what the song is trying to say. The beat’s not to fast or too slow, it’s just perfect. I really like it. I especially like the part where Demi Lovato comes in and sings with them.

The music video is also good. It looks like everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves. I recommend this song to anyone who likes bands like One Direction or 5 seconds of Summer. They all have a similar sound but you can easily tell the difference. So check it out then come back and leave a comment telling us what you thought. Thanks! And this Friday at the E-Way Store, you can get free posters and bookmarks.