Lindsay Martin: Galway’s Rock Star


CALIFORNIA–Lindsay Martin graduated in 2012 from Galway High School, but her name is still constantly buzzing around the Galway community. She currently lives in California, building a name and a tremendous career for herself. She is known for her phenomenal talent on the drums, and that talent has brought her to new experiences, things she says “have been truly incredible.” Experiences she says she “could only dream about.”

I recently had the pleasure to talk with Lindsay about all the exciting happenings in her life currently, and also how she got to where she is today.

“I was nine years old. My dad started playing all these classic rock bands like Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Pink Floyd.” Lindsay explained how her love for music began. “He then showed me Led Zeppelin… Once I heard Led Zeppelin, I knew right away drums were it.”

Clearly, Lindsay really knew drums were it for her because she now lives in California, making many of her dreams come true. “Something about how the drums sounded, the power they had…it really grabbed me,” explained Lindsay on how the drums became a part of her life.

So just who was it that inspired Lindsay to play drums and influences her music today? Lindsay has quite the extensive list to name off. “John Bonham, Tommy Lee, Buddy Rich, and Kenny Aronoff.” Extensive, but extremely fitting. Considering her earliest encounters with drumming and music, it only makes sense that some of the best drummers in history influence her. She also made mention of how our very own Mrs. Ostrander and Mr. Barrow inspired her while here at Galway. If you have spent a mere ten minutes with either one, it’d come to you as no surprise.

After finishing high school, Lindsay made her way out to California where she’s had many huge, unforgettable experiences. As the majority of you know, she made a brief appearance on the TV show “Glee,” playing the drums among many others in the season five finale. Lindsay has also been working with Alice Cooper’s drummer Glen Sobel as an assistant drum tech. Lindsay says that appearing on Glee and working with Alice Cooper has been “so unreal” and have “opened many doors” for her.

Lindsay was also eager to share how she met two of her idols, Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue, and told me how one of her band’s songs is being played in Tokyo. She and her band will also have a song in the upcoming Kevin Smith movie “Yoga Hosers.” The film stars Johnny Depp and his daughter. Aside from all of that, Lindsay also told me that her band has played the Sunset Strip, which for any musician is a very big deal and a very exciting experience.

Another exciting and unreal experience, all in itself, is living in California for Lindsay. “Life in Cali–” Lindsay says, “it’s hectic, fun, stressful and crazy.” Don’t let her fool you though, she says she absolutely loves living out there. “When I first moved out here, it was a big cultural shock. The people are a lot more relaxed, nicer/happier. And the living is a lot more simple and relaxed compared to the east coast.” Sounds like maybe California is a lot like how we all thought it might be?

Though California definitely has its perks, Lindsay still misses the Galway area and all her friends and family. “It’s nice to visit, for sure,” Lindsay had to say about our little town.

As a musician myself, I was extremely impressed and happy for Lindsay, though this was my first time speaking with her. The next part of our conversation was really special for me. She asked me about my influences, what instruments I play, and even said she would love to play a song with me sometime. (Fingers crossed!) She even informed me the first album she ever bought as Green Day’s “American Idiot,” which is one of my favorite albums of all time. This totally sealed the deal for me, and I’m officially convinced she is Galway’s real star.

I asked Lindsay if she had any final advice to give to all the aspiring musicians here in Galway hoping to follow in Lindsay’s footsteps. Here’s what she had to say:

“Work your butt off. Study, learn, and practice as much as you can. Music is all about who you know and the connections you make. Get to a big city as well, like LA, NYC, Nashville, Austin. What you put into music/life is what you get out of it.” Lindsay says that advice has helped her and opened many doors from her. And seeing how many doors have opened for Lindsay recently, I’d say its good advice for everyone to take.

I’d like to thank Lindsay for taking the time to talk with me, she is truly an inspiration for all! You can keep up to date with her and all her amazing experiences at her Facebook page (posted below) and check out her band’s music in the upcoming movie “Yoga Hosers!” Keep rocking Lindsay!

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