Poetry Out Loud

Thank you to the competitors, judges, and spectators who attended the Poetry Out Loud event yesterday afternoon in the library. Competitors had to choose two poems from the Poetry Out Loud website, memorize them, and recite them for the audience. They were judged on expression, physical presence, accuracy, voice and articulation.

“It wasn’t hard for me to do this. This was my second time competing. I had fun, but I wish more people came to watch and competed,” Anna Dabrowski commented. Her advice for people who might be thinking of competing next year? “Just do it! You won’t look bad, and we will be happy to have you there!”

Sadie Underwood shared, “It was kind of scary because it was my first time reciting poetry in front of a crowd, more professional…but it was fun since there were just 3 of us competing, it allowed me to feel more comfortable, to see who would win.”

“It was easier this year. Mrs. Donovan helped me relax before I started and it really helped. I’m excited for the regional competition. I may change one of my poems. I’m considering that now,” Alex Malanoski said.

Sadie Underwood came in 3rd and won an Amazon gift card. Alex Malanoski and Anna Dabrowski tied for first, also earning $50 Amazon gift cards. Alex and Anna will go on to the regional competition at Hudson Valley in February!

The judges were glad to see Alex win because this was his third time competing and it’s the last year he is eligible to participate because he is graduating. Anna is going to the regional as a junior, following in the footsteps of 2019 graduate Hannah Thompson, who competed during her junior and senior year. It will be exciting to see Sadie’s growth between this year’s contest and next year. Will she go to Regionals next year?

Will Galway have a winner going to the state contest? Wish Anna and Alex good luck! We will work on keeping you post and you should start preparing for next year!