Top 10 MCU movie characters

Skye Fitzgerald, Jr. High EMC Staff Writer

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Marvel. The company that gave us the Avengers and the X-men. There are so many good characters. For this list I have characters from the Avengers. Even if they aren’t original Avengers, people in the Infinity War are still Avengers. This list will also count some people that weren’t there for Infinity War. Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen any of the marvel movies, don’t read this!

  1. Bucky Barnes – aka Winter soldier, aka White Wolf. He is Steve Rodgers’ best friend “Til the end of the line.” He was born in 1917. He was drafted into the military. Specifically the 107th regiment ( where Steve’s father passed ). He and other soldiers got captured on a mission. Steve saves him and they make it out of there safely. Steve creates his own team with Bucky and they along with 5 other men head out. They zip line onto a train where Steve and Bucky fight a big metal robot. In protecting Steve, Bucky grabs the shield. The robot launches a laser beam at him and it bounces off the shield making a huge hole in the train car that Bucky is pushed to. He holds onto a metal bar as Steve tries to reach him. However just as he is about to grab Steve’s hand the metal bar comes loose, making him fall to what seems as though is his demise. However he was taken by hydra. Hydra brainwashes him and makes him do things that he would never willingly do. This has a big impact in Captain America Civil War.
  2. Black Panther – aka King T’challa. When his father died in Civil War, he was sought revenge. He sees through it in time to stop Zemo from killing himself. He brings Bucky to Wakanda to remove what Hydra put in his mind. He becomes king. Then he finds out he has a cousin. Then his cousin tries to kill him. He almost died. He fell into the river and it carried him to the mountains where a Jarbari fisherman finds him. M’Baku saves his life by putting him in snow. When Shuri ( his sister ) and his mother find him, they give him the last heart-shaped herb. This heals him. He then goes back to fight his cousin who was trying to send weapons throughout the world so Wakanda can take over. He however is stopped by T’challa.
  3. Spiderman – aka Peter Parker. He uses his powers to help his neighborhood and city. He is a high school student that Tony first introduces us to in Civil War.
  4. Thor – aka the god of thunder. He is a god from the realm Asgard. He first went to earth when he was exiled until he became a hero and sacrificed his life for the life of all others.
  5. Doctor Strange – aka Doctor Stephen Strange. He was a surgeon until he got into an accident. He could no longer use his hands. He found people that could help him and he started training in magic.
  6. Ant man – aka Scott Lang. He finds a suit that lets him shrink and grow to any size. He uses it to save the world.
  7. Captain America – aka Steve Rodgers. He volunteered for a serum, in 1942, that made him faster and stronger. He fought the hydra leader and won. He watched his best friend Bucky fall out of a train, down a mountain and “die”. The leader of hydra had missiles on the space ship. Steve had to stop them. And the only way he could do so was to crash into the ocean. He was frozen in ice for 66 years.
  8. Star lord – aka Peter Quill. He was born on Earth. When his mom died, he was captured by Yondu. Yondu was supposed to bring him to his father. But Yondu knew what his father would do. He kept, raised, and trained Peter.
  9. Iron man – aka Tony Stark.
  10. Black Widow – aka Natasha Romanoff. She was an ex Russian spy. Nick Fury saw potential in her and S.H.I.E.L.D. gave her a chance.
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