Fantastic Beast 2: What is it all about?

Fantastic Beast 2: What is it all about?

Emma Mitchell, EMC Jr. High Staff Writer

A few of the Junior High EMC members went to see Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald a few weeks ago. .

7th grader Shamus Evans says that it was less scary than the original Fantastic Beasts movie.  Many others who watched the movie said that there wasn’t much plot and there were a lot of excess details. Eben Perkins says that there were a lot of loose ends that he is expecting to be tied in another movie. Ms. Booth agrees with Eben on saying that there were many loose ends.

As a whole we really thought there were a lot of excess details and not too much plot action. The movie had lots of comical parts and more ties to the Harry Potter series than the first one. The first movie was very related to Newt and his love for creatures, and we also met Tina and Queenie, whereas this movie involves Newt on a quest given to him by our favorite headmaster Dumbledore to catch the infamous criminal Grindelwald.

A favorite character of everyone was one of Newt’s little creatures, the niffler. Another favorite character was Queenie. In this movie Queenie seems to be struggling emotionally. With a serious lack of judgement. she makes the decision to follow Grindelwald. We were all both shocked and sad when this happened,but again its another loose end whether not she is totally loyal to him.

We are really excited for the new movie. We are waiting to see what decisions Newt will make to rescue Queenie from Grindewald.