Top ten Supernatural characters we want back-Pt 1


Skye Fitzgerald, Jr. High EMC Staff Reporter

In Supernatural lots of characters die. Main characters, side characters, extras. There are a lot of characters that died that don’t come back. Or there story line is ended. Most of them are then forgotten. In case you aren’t caught up I won’t say how they died. However you should catch up with previous seasons before reading this. Having watched up to season 13, here are the top ten characters that should come back. Spoiler alert warning.

  1. Gabriel, currently deceased. He was an archangel who hated the others. He was in hiding for most of his time. He pretended to be the trickster Loki. He faked his death many times. Some fans are skeptical if he is really dead. What do you think?
  2. Deanmon, aka. Demon Dean( season 10 ), currently cured. The fans would love to see Dean go dark side again.
  3. Casifer, aka. Cass possessed by Lucifer( season 11 ). Another character dark side we would love to see return.
  4. Gadreel, currently deceased. He deserves redemption.
  5. Adam, the half brother of Sam and Dean Winchester. Same father, different mother.
  6. Samandriel, currently deceased. An angel that just wanted the fighting to stop
  7. Mick Davies, currently deceased. He was a British men of letters who decided to do the right thing and got killed for it.
  8. Benny, currently in Purgatory, meaning currently deceased. Benny was a vampire so when he died he was sent to purgatory. When Dean was sent there at the end of season 7, he rescued Benny after he showed Dean how to get out. Then he died to get back to purgatory to save Sam. Benny chose not to go back.
  9. Crowley, currently deceased. He was a crossroads demon. He worked his way up in the reigns. He eventually became king. In the finale of season 12 he sacrificed himself to save the Winchester brothers.
  10. John, currently deceased. He is the Winchester’s father. He was never really around. He was always on hunts. When he was around he was really tough on the boys. They moved from place to place. Eventually after Sam went to Stanford Dean and his father lost contact. That’s when Dean goes to get Sam to go find their dad ( the main point of the first episode ). When they found him John needed them for a case. At the end John gets possessed by Azazel ( aka yellow eyes ). When they get in the car to go to the hospital, they get hit by another truck. Dean is dying and John sells his soul and the Colt to save Dean’s life.

So what did you think of our list? Be on the lookout for part 2.