Poetry and Belted Galloway cows


Isabella Hart, EMC Jr. High Staff Writer

I have recently read Moo by Sharon Creech. It is a story told in verse about a twelve year old girl named Reena, and her ten year old brother Luke. They lived in a busy city and have moved to Maine. After she meets Mrs. Falala her perspective on life changes forever

5 Reasons Why You Should Read Moo by Sharon Creech

  1. Sharon Creech is an AMAZING author that most young adults know.  Have you read Heartbeat or Love that Dog? Same author!  
  2. If you have moved into a new environment and have a younger brother, you can relate to the main character Reena.
  3. Who doesn’t love a tad of romance? Well Reena has a crush on another character. Read to find out what happens!
  4. People seem to love animal videos and fixate on a giraffe being born, so why not a sassy cow named Zora?
  5. This story will MOOve your heart.