Everything Is Better With Bacon


Justin Kozlowski, E-Way Intern and EMC Sr. High Writer

Hello, I am Justin Kozlowski. I am currently a Senior at Galway Central High School and soon-to-be Freshman at SUNY Adirondack. I am currently the President of the District 20-W Galway Leo’s Club which I have been a member since seventh grade, a member of the Varsity Cross-Country team since tenth grade, an active participant of the National Honor Society since my induction in eleventh grade, and a writer for Eagles Media Center since the end of tenth grade.

I enjoy anything to do with business and knowing the financial aspects of running one. When I graduate, I will start my college career by going to SUNY Adirondack and taking classes that focus on business and finance. My goal is to one day become a financial adviser or a financial analyst. Financial advisers assist people with debt management, creating strategies to remove financial risks, and build wealth for the long-term, while a financial analyst assesses investment opportunities and give guidance to individuals and businesses making investment decisions. These investment opportunities include evaluating stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Working for the E-Way as an intern and handling the money by being treasurer was a great experience for me. E-Way teaches you aspects of business you are not able to learn in a classroom setting. I have learned the importance of always having supplies in stock and knowing when the delivery dates are, how to count daily totals and make deposits when necessary, how to operate a business when it’s slow or when it’s so busy you can barely think, and how to have fun doing it. I have had to call Nino’s Equipment & Concessions and message Antonucci’s Foods numerous times throughout the year (companies that supply all of our products and ingredients).

Working at the E-Way Café is a great experience and I have no regrets with joining the E-Way team. Technically, I am the sole official intern of the E-Way Café, and this means help that the E-Way received was from volunteers and people trading off their study halls to be able to sell mochas/popcorn on Mondays and Fridays. Although the E-Way has always had its challenges and obstacles to overcome, it never was dull and I am glad to have been a part of it.