Intern of the Month: Jon Hoyt


Jon Hoyt, E-Way Correspondent

My name is Jon Hoyt and I am a Senior here at Galway Central School District. Throughout my school career I have been involved in Varsity Wrestling. I joined a year early, my 8th grade year and have been wrestling for a total of nine years. My senior year, I was named Varsity Captain along with two other wrestlers. Wrestling has taught me a lot like what a work ethic is and mind over matter. With wrestling it’s all a mental game. I learned to block out all the negativity and focus on what’s ahead.

After high school, I plan on going to college to get my MBA. As of right now, I am undecided on a college. Currently I am taking college business courses to get me started for the future. I am taking classes such as Financial Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and Principles of Business. Ever since I was little I’ve always wanted to be my own boss. When I’m older I plan on opening up my own business. I’m always thinking of new ideas or innovations.

Working here at the E-way has only made me want to be an entrepreneur even more.If you like seeing other people happy and working hard, I highly recommend being an intern for the E-way Cafe. Even though the E-way is a small little business ran in our school, we treat it as if it were a true big business. We’re always brainstorming, working together to get supplies, and just always trying to make the Cafe better. If we didn’t use team work, then the dream wouldn’t work.

Photo courtesy of Galway Central School Flickr page.