It’s the most stressful time of the year…

7th grader Abby Gullett identified the sources of stress in her life currently.

7th grader Abby Gullett identified the sources of stress in her life currently.

Leanne Rydzewski, EMC Staff Reporter

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What would you consider your biggest stressor at the moment?

Sam Grant: Completing my application to Cornell

Rachel Germain: School

Izzy Mancini: School

How do you deal with your stress?

Sam Grant: I like to rant a lot to trusted friends and teachers.

Rachel Germain: I complain about it & I rant to friends.

Izzy Mancini: Normally I resort to anger & rant to my friends.

What do you think the main causes of teen stress are?

Sam Grant: Procrastination- keep working on it

Rachel Germain: Pressure put on them by teachers, parents, themselves. Also having to think about college.

Izzy Mancini: Expectations

How does stress affect your personality?

Sam Grant: I get either really sad or really shy.

Rachel Germain: I get very moody, irritable easily. I feel overwhelmed with thoughts.

Izzy Mancini: It makes me sad & angry.

What advice would you give to someone who is under lots of stress?

Sam Grant: Find what bring you back to your center, whether that be listening to music or playing sports. Put time toward what your striving for, but remember to put some aside for yourself.

Rachel Germain: Take mindfulness. Download a mindful app. Whatever you think will happen, usually doesn’t happen.

Izzy Mancini: Don’t be afraid to confide in other people & ask for help.

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