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Best Supernatural Episodes – seasons 5-8

Fangirls in their Supernatural gear

Fangirls in their Supernatural gear

Fangirls in their Supernatural gear

Fangirls in their Supernatural gear

Best Supernatural Episodes – seasons 5-8

June 6, 2018

Quinn Bernard and I continue to find thrilling episodes when binge watching Supernatural.  Last time we talked about seasons 1-4–here are the greatest hits of the next 4 seasons.

Season 5

Episode 4: The End

Episode 6: I believe the children are our future

Episode 8: Changing Channels

Episode 9: The real Ghostbusters

Episode 11: Sam, interrupted

Episode 13: The song remains the same,

Episode 16: Dark side of the moon,

Episode 18: Point of no return

Episode 19: Hammer of the gods

Episode 22: Swan Song

Season 6

Episode 1: Exile on main st.

Episode 5: Live free or Twi-hard

Episode 6: You can’t handle the truth

Episode 9:Clap your hands if you believe

Episode 11: Appointment at Samarra

Episode 13: Unforgiven

Episode 15: The French Mistake

Episode 17: My heart will go on

Episode 18: Frontierland

Episode 22: The man who knew too much

Season 7

Episode 1: Meet the new boss

Episode 4: Defending your life

Episode 6: Slash fiction

Episode 8: Season Seven, Tme for a wedding

Episode 12 Time after time

Episode 14 Plucky Pennywhistle’s magical menagerie

Episode 16 Out with the old

Episode 17 Born-again identity

Episode 18 Party on, Garth

Episode 20 The Girl with the dungeons and the dragons tattoo

Episode 21 Reading is fundamental

Episode 23 Survival of the fittest

Season 8

Episode 5 Blood Brother

Episode 8 Hunteri Heroici

Episode 11 LARP and the real girl

Episode 12 As time goes by

Episode 13, Episode 16 Remember the Titans

Episode 18 Freaks and Geeks

Episode 20 Pac-man fever

Episode 22 Clip show

Episode 23 Sacrifice

We hope you will watch the show. It is really good and we think you’ll like it. Be on the lookout for the rest of the seasons!

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