Virtual Field Week is coming!

Blue and Gold Team Captains!

Field Week is coming! June 8th through June 12th! The classic showdown between Blue and Gold!

Coach Hayden has all his students, grades 7-12, on the Blue team! Alex Malanoski and Rachel Wnuk are co-captains of the Blue!

Coach Hinman is leading all her students, grades 7-12, on the Gold team! Kaylee Bagdan and Josh Jankowski are co-captains of the Gold!

Teachers are assigned to teams as well, and will be earning points right alongside the students!

Virtual Field Week 2020 Faculty Team Assignments


  1. Coach Hayden
  2. Ms. Britt
  3. Mrs. Akin
  4. Mrs. Bechand
  5. Mrs. Clay
  6. Mrs. Decker
  7. Mrs. DeLuca
  8. Mr. Diamond
  9. Mrs. Dowen
  10.  Mr. Darlington
  11.  Mrs. Derwin
  12.  Mr. McGowin
  13.  Mrs. Peters
  14.  Ms. David
  15. Mrs. Sitts
  16.  Mr. Barrow
  17. Ms. Morck
  18. Mrs. Sheehy
  19. Mrs. Kinne
  20. Mr. Linck
  21. Mr. Levin
  22. Ms. Giesselmann
  23. Mrs.  Britten


Gold Team

  1. Coach Hinman
  2. Mr. Miller
  3. Mr. Tripp
  4. Mr. Glenn
  5. Mrs. Prehn
  6. Mr. Mal
  7. Mrs. McDonald
  8. Mrs. Gerber
  9. Mrs. Lushkevich
  10.  Mr. Toscano
  11. Mrs. Ostrander
  12.  Mrs. Brewster
  13. Mrs. Peconie
  14.  Mrs. Huszar
  15. Ms. Booth
  16.  Ms. Whalen
  17. Ms. O’Brien- Yetto
  18. Mrs. Durand
  19. Ms. Mierzwa-Latza
  20. Mr. Kirvin
  21. Mr. Jacaruso 
  22. Ms. Leonardo
  23. Mr.  Huszar

Starting on June 8th both PE teachers will post into their Google Classrooms a “Virtual Field Week Unit.” In this unit will be an activity sheet (describing what your choices for activity are) and a Google Form to fill out at the end of each day if you completed an activity. At the end of each day we will post via social media which team is in the lead!

The week will begin on June 8th at 8am

The last submissions will be accepted on June 12th at 3pm


1 point per completed activity (you can complete multiple activities in a day AND each activity can be repeated over the course of the week)

1 point if you post a picture or video to twitter of you completing that activity (YOU MUST TAG COACH HINMAN AND COACH HAYDEN– @coachhinman @coachhayden2 and hashtag #GalwayVirtualFieldWeek) 

5 bonus points will be given at the end of the week to the team with a participant who creates the “most creative obstacle course” (must be posted to twitter with the directions above)

We are hoping you take this week to be outside, have fun, and show us your Galway pride! ~ Coach Hinman & Coach Hayden 


Virtual Field Week Options


  • Run/Walk a mile
  • Egg Race- Set up 20 paces mark distance with material (sock, shoe, hat, stick etc.). Each family member gets an egg and a spoon. On a count down race from one end of the boundary to the other.
  • Egg Toss- Each family member gets a partner (if there is an odd number someone can be a judge for the first round and then participate in a second round!). Start at a few paces apart. After each successful toss one line moves back increasing the distance.
  • Keep it up Get your creative juices flowing! Pick any piece of equipment from your home (balloon, rolled up pair of socks, etc.) Keep that piece of equipment up for 100 hits without it hitting in the ground or catching it.
  • Tug of war- Split your family members up based on strength (make it as even as you can). Mark a center area with a few shoes. Choose your rope (could be a blanket, rope, bed sheet etc.) Mark the center of the rope and start it in the middle of your center area. Start pulling! The first side to get the center point out of the marked area wins!
  • 30 Minute Bike Ride
  • Plant at least 3 new plants in a garden or flower bed
  • Help a neighbor- Offer to take your neighbors trash to the road on garbage night, help them with yard work, bring in their groceries, offer to do something nice! Keep in mind social distancing =)
  • Catch a fish!- Go fishing and catch a LIVE fish! 
  • Clean up your community- Fill up 1 trash bag of garbage. (Walk the side of the road or go to your local park)
  • Cup Stacking Challenge- You need 12 plastic cups for this challenge. You start with three stacks. Left stack- 3 cups, Middle stack- 6 cups, Right stack- 3 cups. Have someone time you. On “go”- you are going to stack each set of cups into 3 separate stacks. Stop the timer when the stacks are complete. (Google videos of cup stacking!)
  • Do 30 minutes of something you LOVE OUTSIDE!- Must be a physical activity. Playing a game on your phone, sun bathing, and sitting by a fire do not count! 
  • Bottle Flip Challenge- Fill a water bottle to the “magic” line (about ¼- ⅓  full). Start with the bottle cap facing up, flip the bottle in the air and try to get it to land upright. Complete 10 flips. Get creative and try different surfaces! 
  • Wheelbarrow races- Get your family involved in this one! Create a space about 15-20 paces apart (mark area with a shoe, towel, hat etc.) Choose who will be the carrier and the hand walker. On “go” the teams that were created race down and back. 
  • Ping Pong Toss– On a table set up 2 cups on the opposite end. Using a ping pong ball record how long it takes you to either bounce or toss the ball into the cup.
  • Junk in the trunk- Each player will need a tissue box, pantyhose and ten ping pong balls. Put the ping pong balls in each tissue box. Then, tie the boxes around each player. You have one minute to shake out (no hands) as many balls as they can.
  • “Go Fish”- You can use crackers or mini marshmallows. You’ll need straws and two plates. You have one minute to see how many “fish” you can transfer from one plate to another with the suction from the straw and no hands. 
  • Pacer Test- Now’s your chance! For all of our students who love the pacer you can do it in your own backyard. Pace out about 20 meters and YouTube the pacer test. Complete as many rounds as you can!
  • Free Throw Shooting – Make 5 free throws in a row. If you do not have a foul line, guess-timate or measure 15 feet from the basketball hoop
  • Water Balloon Toss- Each family member gets a partner (if there is an odd number someone can be a judge for the first round and then participate in a second round!). Start at a few paces apart. After each successful toss one line moves back increasing the distance.
  • Obstacle Course – Create your own obstacle course with anything you find around your house. Your course must include at least 10 objects or obstacles. Submit a picture of your obstacle course to be in the running for bonus points! Bonus points will be awarded for the most creative courses.
  • Bring Sally Up- Bring Sally Up squat or push up challenge.


  • Softball Throw- or really whatever type of ball you have around! Pick a starting point and mark off. Everyone gets one toss to throw the object as far as they can. The farthest throw wins! 


Get Ready Eagle Nation!