Eagles Media Center

2017-2018 Staff

Molly Ryan

EMC Co-Editor

Molly Ryan is a 12th grader here at Galway. She's involved in many extracurriculars like Jazz Band, the senior class officers, SADD, Masterminds, and GTV, as well as being a co-editor of EMC. She enjoys playing video games, reading,...

Skye Fitzgerald

Jr. High Writer

Skye Fitzgerald is a 7th grader here at Galway. She plays softball and is a member of both Art Club and Science Club. She likes to draw, read, write with Mrs. Decker, watch Netflix, YouTube and Food Network, and she has an American...

Hannah Thompson


Hannah Thompson is a 11th grader here at Galway. She's been a member of EMC for three years, and she's a member of a lot of clubs, like the Impressions Literary Magazine and the Masterminds team, which she is also the captain...

April Carlson

GTV Director

April Carlson is a 12th grader here at Galway. She's very involved with GTV and is one of its directors, and films and edits most of the commercials that air on it. April also participates in sports like cross country, track,...

Greg Alden

EMC, E-Way, and GTV Correspondent

At Galway I have thrown shot put and discus for the Track and Field team since 10th grade. This year I also joined the cheer leading team which was a lot of hard work but was definitely worth it. I just recently achieved the ra...

Josh Rumsey

EMC Sr. High Writer

Josh Rumsey is a humorous student here at Galway. He is known for his articles in the Humans of Galway column with his colleague Samantha (Sam) Grant. He participates in Student Senate in his free time.

Sam Grant

EMC Sr. High Writer

Samantha (Sam) Grant is a Junior here at Galway High School. She enjoys participating in volleyball, basketball, and track. This is her first year writing for EMC and she will be keeping our readers up to date on new events in...

Schuyler Arnold

EMC Sr. High Writer and E-Way Correspondent

Schuyler is an E-Way Correspondent, the Secretary for Eagles Media Center, and plays a large role in GTV as one of the directors. She currently is an intern at the E-Way Cafe, stars in many commercials, and is a Senior here at...

Jacob O'Brien

EMC Sr. High Photographer

Jacob O'Brien is a junior here at Galway and is a photographer that specializes in nature and machinery. He is involved with Future Farmers of America (FFA), Class Office for the Class of 2019, Galway Volunteer Fire Department...

Evelyn Relyea

EMC Sr. High Writer

Evelyn Relyea is a 11th grader here at Galway. She writes the website's mental health articles in a series called "Going Deeper Into Mental Health with Evelyn." She is manager of the Modified Volleyball team and plans on becoming...

Jack Ryan

EMC Jr. High Staff Writer

Jack Ryan is a 13-year old EMC writer in 7th grade. He plays soccer and basketball and enjoys hanging out with friends (maybe too much?) His favorite subject is Social Studies and is also looking forward to being a GTV anchor.

Walter Ellsworth

Sr. High Staff Writer

Walter is a self-described "cool guy" and is known for being tall. He loves animals, literature, technology, and science. Walter is moderately good at basketball, he claims, and participates in track. In Boy Scouts he is a Star...

Ryan Lovelass

Sr. High Staff Writer

Ryan Lovelass likes to participate in sports and loves math.  He has played on the Varsity Golf team for the past few years and has made it very far each year. This year he will be going to States. He enjoys hanging out with...

Rachel Wnuk

EMC Sr. High Writer

Rachel Wnuk is a 10th grader here at Galway.  She loves her pets, soccer, running, eating food, and hanging out with friends.  She has worked with EMC for a few years now, mostly writing sports-related articles. She participates...

Alex Malanoski

EMC Sr. High Writer

Alex is a sophomore and loves to sing as well as draw in his free time. He also participates in Odyssey of the Mind, Band, NJHS, GTV, Boyscouts, and of course EMC. Also he participates in basketball and baseball in the winter, spr...

Kaylee Bagdan

EMC Sr. High Writer and Co-Editor

Kaylee Bagdan started writing when she was very young, but was never serious about it until the 6th grade. Her favorite types of writing and reading include realistic fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, and poetry. Kaylee's...

Justin Kozlowski

EMC Jr. High Staff Writer

When Justin first started contributing to EMC, he was a 7th grade student with a good sense of humor. Currently he is a movie buff. He collects physical media such as Blu-rays and CD's. He enjoys putting in his two cents on cinema.

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