March Highlight: The Junior High Dance

March 29, 2022

On March 4th, Student Senate hosted a Dance and Dodgeball event from 7-9:30 p.m. Read on to find out how students felt about the experience!


Through the cafeteria doors

Next to all the snacks

Between the speakers

Up the ramp

Around the hallways 

In the middle school for dodgeball

Back  down the hallway 

Are kids dancing, having the time of their life.

–Courtney Smith


Music got louder and louder as the night went on.

The dancing was crazy, no one understood “calm”.

It was fun while it lasted,

it ended too soon.

We felt free at last,

no parents telling us what to do.

We danced how we wanted,

and no one told us otherwise.

The girls were too scared to dance with the guys.

And the memories will forever stay in our minds.

Everyone had planned for that Friday night.

The cafeteria was dim with light.

And people mingled with others,

not just their friend groups.

Kids danced willingly, in conga line loops.

Memories made, pictures were taken,

laughter and fun, relationships shaken.

Heels came off as dodgeball started,

hair went up, no longer parted.

Running through hallways up and down,

 like every day, but now with a crown.

Confidence in dresses and professional in suits,

some wore dressy shoes, others wore boots. –Abby Symonds


The dance was definitely a memory that I will never forget. I remember being younger and one of the things I looked forward to was going to a junior high dance. It was a great time to spend with friends to laugh and make memories. It was honestly really hard to leave the dance that night because it was so fun. The music was extra loud and it amplified because everyone was screaming and singing but it wasn’t the bad kind of loud because everyone sounded happy. By the end of the night most people had lost their voice because everyone was singing and screaming and living their life in a good way. It was a wonderful experience. –Kaitlyn DelSavio ”






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